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How to get your property ready for summer

With Summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to be thinking about those extra touches to add to your home to take it into the new season! In this blog we go over our top five tips for getting your property ready for Summer!

Tidy Up the Garden

As Summer brings warmth, chances are you will want to spend much more time outdoors enjoying your garden. The first step you must take is to tidy it up and make it presentable. Over winter the weather will have taken it toll on your garden, so you must make sure to remove any dead plants, leaves and general messiness. As you prepare your garden for Summer, now is the perfect time to complete an overall garden improvement. Add a lick of paint to any wooden fences, sheds and garden furniture. Try a brighter colour to match the season.

Review Your Windows

As we enter Summer, your windows will have much more use than during Winter so now is the perfect time to give them a check over. Look for any visible damage caused by weather conditions such as condensation, cracks and water leakage. If you do encounter any of these problems, we suggest you look into getting a new window fitted before the damage causes any more disruption.

If your windows show no visible damage, it’s wise to remove any grime or muck which might have built up over winter as this can affect the mechanism.

Deep Clean

With winter finally over, giving your home a deep clean is crucial. Over the months you will have brought in mud when coming back into your home so hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a great idea!

Overall you should take the time to clean each room separately and change anything that is old and worn.

Bring Summer Indoors!

What better way to keep up with the seasons that bring in touches of Summer into your home! Introduce flowers and brighter colours into your décor to not only update your home but keep it seasonal too. This is also the ideal time to take away any winter bedding and replace it with cooler summer sheets and duvets.

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