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5 Things you need to know before extending your home

1. Why are you thinking about having an extension?

For such a big structural change you must make sure you are doing the right thing. What do you hope to achieve with this new space? What are you particularly wanting? How will your property value improve? Make sure to check with everyone who lives with you how they see the benefits.

2. How much are you going to spend?

Before any serious planning goes ahead you must first agree on a budget. Do your research, talk to others that have had an extension. Most importantly ring round local contractors looking for average prices.

3. Do you need any planning permission?

Depending on the age and build of your home you may have to request Planning Permission, but most likely you will already be aware of this. If Planning Permission doesn’t apply to you, think about how your extension will impact the neighbours, will it prevent their view for instance?

4. Will it cause much disruption?

As with any building work there will be a disruption, but in many extension cases could it affect your way of life for that time? You might not be able to park your car, people might have to move out. Plan your time wisely to avoid maximum disruption, again ask the contractors about their estimated time of completion.

5. Which business should I use?

After planning time, prices and disruption you must next choose the perfect builders. Have your needs ready to discuss so you can really whittle down your ideal contractors. The opinion of real people is very important too so, make sure to check reviews from past customers.

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