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Marketing Your Home

First Steps
At the start, we ensure that:
- Digital photographs are taken by a trained photographer
- One of our distinctive For Sale boards is put up
- We’ll send you the details of your property for checking before they are printed.

We make the most of technology and the internet in particular. Details and colour photographs of your property are posted on  as well as on, you can also view the full range of properties on our Gordon Lamb's page of

Matching your property
With applicants registering in our offices all the time, we work harder to match your property to the perfect potential buyer. Once we've used our knowledge and expertise to identify good matches, your property details are emailed or posted to interested buyers. These will be followed up by individual phone calls.

Keeping you informed
Gordon Lamb understands just how important feedback on the sale of your property is to you. That’s why we provide instant feedback on all viewings that take place good or bad!. With the latest technology we can use e-mails and text messages to keep in touch.

Looks can make - or break - a sale. First impressions count, so it's always a good idea to make sure your property is presented at its best.

Presenting Your Home

Kerb appeal

  • Keep your front door clean and in good condition
  • Make sure door bells work
  • Remove any litter outside and clear the path to your door
  • Trim hedges, repair fences and remove any dead pot plants

Light & windows
Light can be one of the main assets of any property.

1.    Emphasise natural light where possible by:
  • Drawing back curtains to allow maximum light to enter
  • Keeping windows clean and window-sills uncluttered
  •  Removing old net curtains
2.    Create an inviting look by:
  • Using side lights for a softer, warmer effect
  • Ensuring all light bulbs are working.


We all have our tastes and while we wouldn't recommend you totally change your look, here are some general rules to help you present your property at its best.

Keep things fresh
Try and keep rooms well-ventilated while avoiding air-fresheners. It's particularly important in bathrooms, basement flats and vacant properties.

Keep things clean
Regular cleaning is vital. It only takes a short time for dust and dirt to collect on surfaces and window-sills.

Keep things tidy
Keeping your property tidy is vital, especially on crucial second visits. If a potential buyer does come back, making that extra effort with fresh flowers can pay dividends.

Keep your property furnished
Limit the amount of furniture for an uncluttered look. If your property is vacant, it’s a good idea to leave some furniture in it. Surprisingly, it can make rooms feel bigger and also helps show how the property can be lived in.

Keep the temperature right
Increase your property's appeal by keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. Light a fire if you have one and if your property is empty, set the heating so it comes on at regular intervals during winter.

Keep hedges trimmed and lawns mown. A well-stocked garden has more appeal than one with straggly, dying bushes.

Legal Advice
Choosing the right solicitor in advance can help you save time, money and in some cases, your sale. We're happy to supply a list of solicitors if required and would always advise that you:

Instruct a solicitor at the same time as you put your property on the market. Your solicitor can then apply for the title deeds to your property at an early stage, avoiding delays when we receive an offer.

Choose a local solicitor who works with your local council and specialises in conveyancing. Again, these will help speed your sale and ensure everything goes more smoothly.

Always return documents to your solicitor promptly and try to stay as actively involved as you can in the conveyancing process.

Before you put your property on the market, come and talk to us. As well as valuing your property, we'd be happy to share our knowledge of local conditions and offer informed suggestions on any presentation or refurbishments that could boost your sale price.

Better viewing
We've prepared a range of pointers designed to deliver better viewings:

- Do tidy up before a viewing
- Do let the viewer have freedom to wander around
- Do answer questions at the end it's a good idea to think about what might be asked and prepare your answers
- Don't follow potential buyers around
- Don't talk over them
- Don't hurry them

For Sale boards
For Sale boards really do work. In fact, a significant number of registered applicants contact us as a result of seeing a Gordon Lamb For Sale board. So, if you're serious about selling, we really recommend that you let us put up a board wherever possible.

Keep in Touch
Don't be afraid to ask us for help or for informed opinions. From details on presenting your property to major decisions about which offer is right for you or possible price reductions, we know your market and are ideally placed to offer expert, impartial advice.


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